If you’re looking for ways to earn money at home here is a list of actual companies that I have done myself.

  1. Scribie – They do general transcription of phone calls, interviews, videos, etc… Every audio is split up into 6 minute intervals. You have 2 hours to complete and submit each audio. After you transcribe the audio it goes into review by a proofreader who then gives you a score. They pay around $10 per audio hour. You get paid through Paypal. Personally  it takes me about 30 minutes to complete an audio file so that averages out to $2 per hour.  It may not seem like much but hey that’s my monthly mani and pedi money right there. They always have audio files so there is always work to do 24/7.
  2. Quicktate – You will be doing general transcription. Usually voicemail messages that last up to 2 minutes. With Quicktate, the faster you type and submit the audio, the faster they send you work. The pay is $.0025 per word. After a while you might get an invite to test for Idictate which pays about $.0050 per word. You also have the option to test for medical transcription as well as bilingual such as Spanish, German, etc., ; these pay more than general transcription. You can work Quicktate 24/7 and they pay through Paypal every Monday. As far as my experience, they always pay on time no matter how little the amount. Personally I do Quictate here and there when I’m bored and that usually pays for my Hulu and Netflix subscription.


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