Having tried so many different products out there, in this page I will share my favorite products and other random items I use on a daily basis.

6-Mascara_web_imageActi-Labs Skyscraper Mascara:

This beauty right here I have been using for the past couple of weeks. This baby lasts all day long; I have even been so tired and went to sleep without washing my face and wake u p in the morning with my mascara still on with no smudge, no mess. Let me tell you, this baby is waterproof, contains Vitamin C, Vitamin  E and beeswax. It is what? Fiber less! So there is no need for messy fibers falling off and getting in your eyes.

What can be better than the price? Only $12.50, this is a must try! I don’t think I’ll be changing mascaras anytime soon.


Tyra Beauty What Lipstick:

Who does not like sultry smooth sexy lips? Tyra’s What Lipstick goes on super smooth. This silky sheer lip color allows you to control the intensity that you desire. what lipstickHonestly I wear this almost every day and I love the way it goes on. The What Lipstick does not stay on all day but it’s worth it. It only takes one minute to pull it out put it on and I don’t even need a mirror. It’s so lightweight you can’t even feel you have lipstick on thus the name What Lipstick. Right now it comes in 4 different shades. Get your now for only $24.