About me:

Hello all and welcome to my site!  Just a little about me; don’t worry I won’t bore you to death. I’m a mother of four lovely children, a veteran of the United States Army, I’m pretty laid back, love to travel , and a  Jane of all trades. I’m going to share little bits and pieces of my world with you all and hopefully bring about some inspiration and useful materials. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and don’t forget to subscribe.


I named this site after my grandmother of whom I admire so much. This women is the definition of strong. I’ve seen her go through so much and still she stands with her head up high. Today she is currently 94 years old and healthier than a fox, thank God. She doesn’t speak English and most likely does not know I’m writing about her, but she is such an inspiration to me in every way. I love you Grandma!